Thursday, June 7, 2012

How Today's 'Aspiring Youth ' of India thinks ?

I just came across one small interesting write-up about today's Aspiring Youth, on the website of one of the famous textile company where they have very correctly defined today's Aspiring Youth of India, in terms of how they think and where they aspire to be. I thought it is worth sharing with you all.

Here is the write-up:
'Youth, today, is being celebrated and respected as they are redefining their space in the society at large. Young men in smaller towns are experiencing real change at home, work and other societal spheres. This is their era. 

They are keen to mark their presence and create a place for themselves, in family and society, through their efforts and their energy. They cherish their new found optimism and seize opportunities to make a real impact. They are action-oriented and are bubbling with the spirit of enterprise. They aspire to make a name for themselves through merit and enthusiastic efforts. However, they are also practical in their approach to life. There is no desire to break traditions or to rebel against authority. They don't wish to stand out for the wrong reasons, they don’t want to be seen as brash rebels or make fashion statements, just to assert their individuality. Individual freedom and self-expression are sought but, with a sensitivity towards family and community. Their friend circle means a lot to them and there’s a very close bonding and camaraderie among friends.'


  1. When I Look at them i see the world has surly changed..


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