Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cost of Barcoding in india *

Below is the general cost of Barcoding in india
Barcoding helps in :

Manufacturing for Inventory/Warehouse Management, WIP Tracking, Shipping and Distribution, Asset Tracking.

Retail for Point of Sales and Inventory Management.

Services like Courier and Logistics companies for Consignment Tracking.

Exports for compliance labeling.

Transportation for Automatic Vehicle Identification using RFID tags and Readers.

Mobile Computing for Sales Automation, Route Accounting and Field Services.

 For Barcoding you need :

1.Registration at GS1india .

2.Purchase barcode numbers from GS1india.(minimum 100 code)(available in 100,1000,10000,10000000 blocks)

3.Barcode printer

4.Barcode Scanner

5.Barcode reader Software

1.General cost of purchasing barcodes from GS1india :
1.1 one tome registration fees for minimum 100 barcode purchased Rs.25000/-
1.2 Annual fees 6000/- to 7000/-
1.3 Service tax 10% to 11%
1.4 Refundable deposit Rs.2000/-

Total 37,000/- to 40,000/-

2.General cost of Barcode printer
 starts from Rs. 5,000/-
3.General cost of Barcode scanner:
starts from Rs.3,000/-
4.No idea about software(will have to search for barcode reader software price) becoz some says it is available free on net.
*Information collected for students only,Not for commercial purpose
*For more information visit GS1india's website.
*Data collected from Seconday sources especially Google.


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