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Cost of setting up CCTV Security System

Before we begin let us understand what are the elements or tools or equippment required for setting CCTV Security system. There are basically Six items required as a part of setting up CCTV security System i.e.:
  • CCTV Cameras
  • DVR (i.e.Digital Video Recorder, a method of storing video information in digital form as opposed to analogue recording.)
  • Hard drive (to store Data/Video recording)
  • Monitor (to view Video)
  • Adapters (for supplying power to camera, DVR etc.)
  • BNC Connector etc.
Now let us understand the Cost of all this:

Cost details are collectedd from the website of one of the leading player of CCTV Security system kit supplier based in 'NOIDA' i.e.'Digitals India Security Products Pvt. Ltd'(

There are three types of Kit:
1.CCTV KIT for Small office / Factory ( Rs:40,700/-)*
2.CCTV KIT for Medium office / Factory(Rs.61,400/-)*
3.CCTV KIT for Large office / Factory (Rs.99,700)*

'Packaging & forwarding' and 'Installation' charges Extra.

*Terms & Condition apply ( View complete terms & condition on

We will take Small Kit to understand the CCTV Security System Kit content:

CCTV Kit for small retail/office/Factory use. This Predesigned Indoor and Outdoor 4 Camera Kit will be ideal for covering important area of your store/office. This Kit offers you convenience of setting up your CCTV system in No-time.

The Kit Includes a H.264 Compression DVR( best compression for DVRs) with Pentaplex function- record, playback, backup, search, remote access. You can also keep a track at your store while you are away by any Standard Dynamic Internet Connection with Companiy's special DDNS service without requiring any STATIC IP Connection.

Kit content:

FAQs : CCTV Kits

Q1. Do I require Static IP connection for remote view?

Ans. No need to have a Static IP Connection.Saving upto Rs 4000 per month With Company's special DDNS service you can go live withoutpaying hefty Static IP charges.You just have to pay the domain hosting charges at low cost of @Rs 3000 per year

Q2. Do I need to enter IP address for remote view

Ans. No need to enter IP address everytime you need to remote view.Just enter the weblike address (for example into your web browser and enter username and password to view it live.

Q3. Do I need to install a software for remote view?

Ans. No need to install any software for Live view. You can view the remote images through simple Web browser like Internat explorer from any Pc or Laptop not neccesarily yours. The password protection keep your worries at rest.

Q4. Will i get technical support to setup my system?

Ans. Free Telephonic technical support.Get free support for remote view related problems anytime during the activated service.


*Disclaimer Post applies


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