Monday, January 24, 2011

Radio Advertising cost in india

Other Advertising options on Radio:
  • Contest Competition for 15 minutes
  • Contest competition for a Month
  • Interviews - Charges per hour basis.
  • Live Broadcast On Location  - Charges per hour basis.
  • Creative Charges/Production Fee  Extra.

Other Facts about Radio Station in India: 
  • FM Radio stations in India has a reach to 86 cities at present.
  • At present, the Indian radio industry - which has 36 operators - tots up a turnover of Rs 1,200 crore a year.
  • At present there are 240 FM Radio station.
  • FM radio reaches 40 million listeners in the four metros.
  • FDI and FII limits in a private FM radio broadcasting company have been increased from 20 per cent to 26 per cent
  • Private operators have been allowed to own more than one channel but not more than 40 per cent of the total channels in a city subject to a minimum of three different operators in the city.
  • The increase in FDI puts radio at par with print and news channels, for which the FDI is also 26 per cent.
  • Among categories that advertise on Radio, Real Estate, Telecom, Retail, Education and TV channels are the ones advertise the most.
  • Share of Media spend on Radio is 4 %
  • 60 % of the revenue of the radio advertising industry comes from the private FM broadcasters and the balance from the All India Radio (AIR).
  • People listen to FM at home (70%), while driving (32%), at public places (9%) and at the office (7%).
  • Around 25% of total radio listenership is now on mobile phones, fuelled by handset manufacturers that have made FM radio a standard feature in most of their models. Some radio companies claimed that their research indicates that mobile phone listenership in metros comprises more than 75% of their total listenership.
  • Sunday listenership is dramatically low with only 10% of the people tuning in to FM vs. weekdays where the number of tune-ins is as high as 94%.
  • Majority of the people listen to Hindi film songs (63%), followed by Hindi pop (40%), remixes (37%) and English pop (33%).
  • According to IRS 2012 Q2 data, radio has an estimated audience of 158 million people (out of which FM radio accounts for 106 million), as compared to 563 million in the TV segment and 352 million in the print sector.
*These are in general Radio advertising rates in India 
*This data is collected from secondary sources.


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